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‘Whether I’m shooting a still image, trying to encapsulate everything in one image, or directing a feature film, it’s always about the story I’m trying to tell.’

Mitch’s early passion for photography took him from school straight to a job at his local paper. Northampton in the 1980s was a cauldron of creativity. As a fast-rising junior photographer, Mitch Jenkins was there to capture it all. That ever-present commitment to storytelling was evident even then: side projects included shooting album covers for local post-punk pioneers, Bauhaus, and directing music videos for legendary label Beggars Banquet.

When Mitch Jenkins was commissioned to shoot comic book legend Alan Moore for Q magazine in 1986, neither could have anticipated that it would lead to the decades-long friendship and creative partnership the pair share to this day.

A growing reputation as a skilled portrait photographer with a strong eye for narrative and innate connection to his subjects saw Mitch take on an ever-broader range of commissions, including a long stint as lead celebrity photographer for The Times Magazine and The Sunday Times Magazine.

Over the years, that signature curiosity has seen Mitch continue with a stream of similarly eclectic creative projects – much of it in partnership with Moore.

These days, Mitch combines photography – largely key art for major UK and international entertainment networks, streaming platforms and international film productions – with directing feature films and hanging out with his dog, Frankie.

And at the heart of all of it? The story.


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