A short stint directing music videos for key players in the vibrant post-punk scene in the 80’s, working with the legendary record label Beggars Banquet, was an early indicator of Mitch’s mastery of the moving image. With his photographic career gathering pace at the same time, however, it would be two decades before he returned to the form.
Act of Faith (2012), Mitch’s directorial Debut, was born from a collaboration between Mitch and long-time friend and creative partner, graphic novelist, Alan Moore. The first in what would become a series of five short films, three of which released collectively as Show Pieces in 2014, through the pairs production company Orphans of the Storm and Lex records. Premiering at FrightFest.
The pair followed its success with The Show, Mitch’s first feature film, funded by the BFI and produced by Mike Elliot (EMU Films) and Tom Brown (Lex Records) and starred Tom Burke (Mank, Living, The Souvenir) in the lead role.
The Show premiered at South By South West Film Festival in 2020 and to major critical praise. The Show is currently being developed as TV series.
Mitch finished shooting his second feature, Prisoners of Paradise, a lavish period drama set in Mauritius and shot over the pandemic in 2020, with Ellie Bamber (Disney’s Willow) and Rupert Penry Jones (Batman) in lead roles. Release is scheduled for 2024.
Most recently, Mitch has just finished his third feature, A Million Days, a high concept Sci-Fi thriller, starring Hermione Corfield (Mission Impossible Rogue Nation, Pride and prejudice and Zombies) which was picked up immediately for distribution by Signature Entertainment and is scheduled for a 2024 release.
Mitch is presently developing and writing a Crime Noir thriller set in India, a Punk Rock road movie set in 1977 Glasgow / London, alongside a music documentary with Alan Moore on the life of Creation Records’s artist The Jazz Butcher.


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